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Client case

The twenty-ninth ( Beijing) Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games

Beijing urban construction group construction tender translation

Beijing automobile import and export company data translation

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry chemical materials translation

The history of the development of ancient Chinese securities translation ( in English translation )

China's Industrial Materials Corporation chemical materials, analysis reports translation

The people's Bank of China head office of Finance and securities information translation

China audit firms: large listed companies audit reports translation

Commercial bank financial service policy code translation

Bank monetary system French translation ( Chinese printing company )

" Business week" ( the United States three weekly) Chinese financial and securities version of translation experience

State Development Bank

A large state-owned telecommunications / petrochemical company listing report translation ( overseas some agency commissioned )

Beijing city law firm of company equity transfer Book Translation

China Life Insurance Data Translation

Shenzhen Development Bank Beijing branch financial translation

HSBC Bank Beijing branch questionnaire translation

Beijing century Canton Medical Devices Company Limited mechanical manual translation

The modern automobile car full set of data translation

China Water Conservancy and electric power company's bidding book translation

Doubleday ( Shanghai) limited data translation

International Bamboo and rattan all data translation ( annual report, products etc. )

China Chemical Research Institute Chemical Literature Translation

China Petroleum Drilling Research Institute of geological exploration reports translation

Day translation translation company Beijing times than general science and Technology Development Company Limited mechanical manual translation

Days time translation completed in Investment Development Company Limited financial reports translation

Days time translation completed Shanghai sharp paper products company limited medical equipment use video translation

Days time translation complete Hyatt International Hotel Management ( Beijing) limited liability company reports translation

Data translation


Li Li translation company to provide professional business, legal documents, company and large equipment, production line product descriptions, operation manual, project bidding, .


Interpreting and Translation


To provide business interpreters, translators, UN certification AIIC card interpreter and translation of Senior School of Beijing Foreign Studies University experienced simultaneous interpreter,


Localization translation


  Li Li Zhaoqing City translation company to provide professional services include: localization, website localization, software localization, software localization.


Multimedia translation


Multimedia translation process from the screen text and dubbing translation, recording and post-production, then to the final product integration, is a more complex process.


Service type
· 專業口譯 · 專業筆譯
· 專業速記 · 同聲傳譯


Often translation file

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